Gay Sun Bathing Ass Slapping

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There is nothing crueler than turning on a gay man when he is quiet and tanning. This hottie is lying in the sun, letting the sun kiss his skin. As soon as he is drifting away, his stalker sneaks up and has his way with him. He runs his hands all over his hot and soft skin. He pulls his swim trunks down so that he can look at the ass he wants to fuck and suck. He rubs and plays with the ass that is in his face before he gets up and runs away. His crush is left horny.

Gay Elevator Pranking

gay elevator prank

Using an elevator is a pretty mundane activity which we all have to do every now and then. But sometimes the experience can be quite eventful, and not always in a good way. Take this guy, for example. He enters the elevator, notes his male companion, and proceeds to ignore him. Not a wise move, since as soon as his back is turned, our prankster unzips his own pants and masturbates his cock. Not because he is so turned on by the guy in front of him and is hoping to seduce him, but because the prankster wants to cum on the dude’s shirt — which he does, the wet stain only being noticed after our sperm shirt wearer exits the elevator.

Gay Car Masturbation Session

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So this guy is jerking off in a car, and it might seem as though he is either too horny to postpone tugging his cock, or he is just turned on by gratifying himself in public. In actual fact, he is on a mission to fill a condom with cum, to use in a public prank. After blowing his wad and making the jizz balloon, he sets out to find some unsuspecting people. He chooses his target, namely, some guys hanging out. The condom is launched, and the hilarious result is that these guys experience their first public sperm shower.

More Gay Public Pranks!

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Get ready for some public sex antics in these candid and entertaining photos and videos. In addition to public pranks, such as yanking down the pants of unsuspecting men or slapping them with dildos, the fun content here features gay guys having sex in public, only to realize mid-fuck that they are being secretly filmed. Further pranks include splashing naked men with cold water, stealing their clothes, and squirting them with cum. By combining voyeurism, sharking, public nudity, and pranks, these jokesters provide material that is both hilarious and arousing, and can be enjoyed by straight and gay men and women.

Gay Public Pranks

Gay Blowjobs in the Woods

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The two gay thugs sneak into the woods for some hot blowjob action. They find a nice shady spot behind the tree so they are obscured from view and the two commence to sucking each other’s dicks. The more muscular gay thug in his black hat and black shades pulls out the smaller thugs cock from his jeans and puts his trouser snake in his mouth. The two gay thugs make sure nobody is looking or peering through the bushes as they have some nice blowjobs with each other. The smaller thug has his dick very hard as it gets sucked by muscle boy. Let’s face it, we all know that there is nothing better than being in public out doors and getting a blowjob from a gay man. I want one right now in fact! LOL

Gay BJ Prank Pictures

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There is nothing better in the morning that waking up and getting a piece of hot male meat to suck on. These hot boys know that feeling and want to repeat it as much as they can, as many times as they can. As they walk the streets, they look for other gay boys that share their philosophy. Once they do, they don’t mind sucking their hard dicks in public or bending over to take it up the ass while strangers walk past unaware of the ecstasy they are feeling. These boys are true believers of the phrase, tis better to give than to receive.

Gay Violation

Gay Sex Prank Pants Down

Gay Violations video tapes the funniest and craziest things. In this gallery, two hot guys are walking around town and man comes up to pulls their pants down and gets it all on tape. These guys never know what hit them. This site also shows videos and pictures of gay guys having sex in public places or even in their car. The guys have no idea this is being recorded and put online. Some of it is funny, and other parts are really hot. It’s interesting to see what they these insanely horny guys do when nobody is looking, or so they think.


Gay Violations Public Prank Site

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Gay Violations is a porn site that features guys getting secretly videotaped while they are performing sexual acts in public. Sometimes they are caught giving blowjobs in a random hallway or their cars. These guys apparently never know what’s going on and just go about their business. This takes voyeurism to a new level. These pictures are sexy and fun and you never know what will happen next. Some of them are a part of pranks, so they make you giggle at the same time. From a beach to a park, there is no end to where these hot gays will have their fun.

Gay Sex Prank